Posted by : Dan Levenson Friday, June 13, 2014

Warner Bros.’ sitcom “2 Broke Girls” is a fan favorite that it’s among CBS’ top-rating shows. However, beyond the show’s hilarity and often risqué jokes, one can get valuable business lessons from the challenges the two main characters, Max and Caroline, face as they attempt to make their cupcake business a success. A particularly good episode is “2 Broke Girls and the Broken Hip” where they had to face the consequences of having an uninsured business.

While the circumstances in that episode were meant to be comical, if they took place in real life, it would have been a serious matter that will make viewers realize the importance of getting a business insured. Even their diner owner/boss Han gasped in disbelief upon learning that Max and Caroline didn’t have insurance, saying “How could you not have insurance? You need to get protection.”

Essentially, all businesses need to get insured. This helps a lot in case customers suffer some mishap while inside your store or your product caused them to sustain an injury. Business insurance also provides protection to employees who might be at some form of risk while doing their job. As a business owner, you can also use insurance to protect your assets and the structure itself when they get damaged due to a catastrophic event.

They say that doing business is a form of investment with risks. That’s a fact. Having business insurance helps a lot to reduce those risks.

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