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Protect Your Financial Position from Cybercrimes

Technology today is essential in running businesses as computers, mobile devices, servers, and the Internet support company processes like receiving orders, tracking deliveries, charging customer accounts, and filing tax returns with the IRS. However, advances in hardware and software have also equipped unscrupulous individuals with means to commit fraudulent acts, such as cyber-attacks, which could translate into irrecoverable losses for many local and growing businesses.

While investing in good online security programs and apps like firewall and antimalware reduces vulnerabilities to fraud-motivated cyber-attacks, businesses can also consider getting an extra layer of protection that offers an additional financial benefit. Insurance products, such as commercial general liability, professional liability, and cyber risk and network security coverage, can give businessmen peace of mind knowing that they can shift the financial burden that comes with fraud-intended cyber-attacks directed to them.

Getting a comprehensive set of business insurance can be the smartest thing companies can do as the proceeds of insurance policies give enterprises the needed resources to pay for possible litigation, compensation, and rehabilitation of affected business installations. Aside from the actual damages brought by exposure to cybercrimes, businesses also need to be substantially prepared for potential financial losses due to damaged reputation. 
Thursday, October 30, 2014
Posted by Dan Levenson

Words Can Hurt Your Business

As a tech firm, you expect your staff to be proficient in coding languages like JavaScript, C++, and Objective C. Like any business, though, you also deal with a more universal language: English.
That’s right, regardless of industry, strong communication skills is a must not just in keeping your employees informed of project requirements, but also in getting the word out about your products and services.
Unfortunately, words can also get you in trouble. For instance, if you say that a competitor’s software has security vulnerabilities, they may very well sue you for defamation, especially if they believe your claim to be false.
Basically, defamation is when someone makes an incorrect statement about another party that results in their suffering. In the case mentioned above, your allegation might deter people from buying said software, which may ultimately cause the competing firm’s stock price to fall.
If your defamatory statement is spoken or oral, you will be slapped with a slander case. If it is written down, like a press release, news item, or even a blog post, you’ll be facing a libel suit.

Of course, legal proceedings are very expensive, and if your company happens to be a startup, the legal costs may cause it to go under. So aside from getting health insurance for your employees, be sure to get general liability insurance as well, since it also covers litigation expenses associated with defamation lawsuits.  
Thursday, October 23, 2014
Posted by Dan Levenson

When Good Employees Go Bad

You may not be the biggest tech firm in your area, but you do have a talented team working for you. As you might know, people are your biggest asset since it is from their minds that innovative technologies and solutions spring forth.
That being said, are you prepared for a scenario wherein one of your staff goes rogue and commits actions that may be detrimental to your bottom line? For instance, he or she may misappropriate company funds or leak proprietary software to a competitor firm. Or maybe that person decides to overbill a client to pocket some extra cash? In all these cases, you will definitely end up with a major headache, as you’re left reeling in the aftermath of your employee’s dishonest actions.
Fortunately, you can protect your company through Fidelity Bonds, a type of insurance specifically designed to protect employers against the problems caused by errant workers. If you suffer monetary loss, the insurer will pay out a sum commensurate to your lost revenues. If a disgruntled client is suing your company because of an employee’s wrongdoing, your insurance policy will shoulder the litigations fees.

Indeed, brilliant minds are the bread and butter of technology companies. At the same time, though, one cannot be complacent about the problems that a few bad apples can do to your firm. As such, get Fidelity Bonds now to protect your small business.
Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Posted by Dan Levenson

Business Prosperity 101: Small Business Insurance

Accidents happen and this can be devastating to any business, especially if it’s a small company, such as a struggling tech startup. The accident can involve one of your employees, a customer, or your property. However, the end result is the same: you end up paying out of your nose because you’re liable for them. That’s why it’s smart to purchase insurance for your company. Here are some insurance plans your business would need to ensure that it’s completely covered:

  • General Liability Insurance. When an accident happens and the cause can be traced back to either your employees, your product, or your service, you’ll end up paying a lot during a lawsuit. Additionally, if your business ends up injuring or making your employees sick, you’ll see the same result. Both of them can drain your company’s coffers. Liability insurance can help cover the costs of these expenses and make sure you still have money to operate.
  • Property Insurance. Businesses need equipment to operate. This can range from computer workstations for software companies to a delivery service trucks. Moreover, you need to have offices. Having these items protected by insurance is the next logical step, since you don’t want a fire or flooding to completely ruin your business.
  • Directors and Officers Insurance. Being the boss doesn’t mean you’re immune to lawsuits. If you or your company officers did something in pursuit of the company’s interests that ended with a lawsuit, this particular type of insurance should cover it.
Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Posted by Dan Levenson

The Lowdown on Errors and Omissions Insurance

If you’re a typical business owner nowadays, there’s a chance you might have heard about the E&O insurance before. But what is it exactly?
E&O means Errors and Omission. It’s a specific type of business insurance which covers either your company as a whole, or yourself as an individual, from damages that come after a failed product or service, or the latter not living up to expectations.
In considering the need for an E&O, you need to ask yourself first: How badly do I need it? E&O insurance will work like a charm if your business’ line is something that entails a great potential for liability (aka high-risk fields). Medical professionals are more often than not protected by E&O. In their case, however, the insurance is typically termed as “malpractice insurance.”
The cost of an E&O insurance heavily depends on a number of factors. These include the inherent risk of the business’ work, the rating category under which your business is classified (i.e. high-risk or low-risk industries), the amount of claims for inadequate service that have been filed in your industry over the years, and in several cases, your business’ locale.

Bottom line is, an E&O insurance is critical for every business regardless of whether it’s high-risk or not. Any company could make a mistake. It doesn’t matter if your company has the latest equipment or the most skilled employees. When things get sour with your customers, it is still best to be covered. 
Wednesday, October 1, 2014
Posted by Dan Levenson


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