Posted by : Dan Levenson Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Accidents happen and this can be devastating to any business, especially if it’s a small company, such as a struggling tech startup. The accident can involve one of your employees, a customer, or your property. However, the end result is the same: you end up paying out of your nose because you’re liable for them. That’s why it’s smart to purchase insurance for your company. Here are some insurance plans your business would need to ensure that it’s completely covered:

  • General Liability Insurance. When an accident happens and the cause can be traced back to either your employees, your product, or your service, you’ll end up paying a lot during a lawsuit. Additionally, if your business ends up injuring or making your employees sick, you’ll see the same result. Both of them can drain your company’s coffers. Liability insurance can help cover the costs of these expenses and make sure you still have money to operate.
  • Property Insurance. Businesses need equipment to operate. This can range from computer workstations for software companies to a delivery service trucks. Moreover, you need to have offices. Having these items protected by insurance is the next logical step, since you don’t want a fire or flooding to completely ruin your business.
  • Directors and Officers Insurance. Being the boss doesn’t mean you’re immune to lawsuits. If you or your company officers did something in pursuit of the company’s interests that ended with a lawsuit, this particular type of insurance should cover it.

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