Posted by : Dan Levenson Wednesday, October 15, 2014

You may not be the biggest tech firm in your area, but you do have a talented team working for you. As you might know, people are your biggest asset since it is from their minds that innovative technologies and solutions spring forth.
That being said, are you prepared for a scenario wherein one of your staff goes rogue and commits actions that may be detrimental to your bottom line? For instance, he or she may misappropriate company funds or leak proprietary software to a competitor firm. Or maybe that person decides to overbill a client to pocket some extra cash? In all these cases, you will definitely end up with a major headache, as you’re left reeling in the aftermath of your employee’s dishonest actions.
Fortunately, you can protect your company through Fidelity Bonds, a type of insurance specifically designed to protect employers against the problems caused by errant workers. If you suffer monetary loss, the insurer will pay out a sum commensurate to your lost revenues. If a disgruntled client is suing your company because of an employee’s wrongdoing, your insurance policy will shoulder the litigations fees.

Indeed, brilliant minds are the bread and butter of technology companies. At the same time, though, one cannot be complacent about the problems that a few bad apples can do to your firm. As such, get Fidelity Bonds now to protect your small business.

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